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High School

Welcome from the High School Principal

Our desire is to partner with parents to help grow students of Godly character. It is our heart that, number one, if students do not know Christ that they come into a personal relationship with Him.  Number two, that our students will grow in their relationship with Christ if they already have one.  Our heart is that growth will happen through inductive study of the Bible, various discipleship opportunities, involvement in local churches, and partnering with parents.

We strive to provide an excellent, academically challenging, God-centered education so that our students will be prepared for the world academically and most importantly spiritually.  As a college preparatory school we desire for our students to excel in all subjects academically.  It is our hope and desire that students that attend SBA will continue on to a higher education as God directs.  

Our students will also get a chance to learn how to serve others with an expectation of our students becoming servant leaders.  The chance to serve will be provided through yearly service projects and a senior year-end mission trip.  Mentoring programs of the older students investing their time and lives into the younger students are also encouraged to teach servant leadership. 

At SBA we are blessed with the best teachers who have a heart for their students to grow academically and in their relationships with Christ.  We are also blessed with an amazing amount of support from our parents who we desire to partner with to raise Godly students.  Our teachers are expected to be a “living curriculum,” where they not only teach but also live out a Godly lifestyle in front of our students.

Mickey Hammel
High School Principal
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Dean of Academics

Margarita Ioannidis
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Administrative Assistant

Kim McDonald
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