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A Private Christian School Engaging Hearts and Minds

Elementary School

Welcome from the Elementary Principal

The elementary years are the time when our children acquire the bricks and mortar of a solid education. They learn skills, habits and ideals that will serve as the foundation of learning and character.

The curriculum at SBA begins with our Living Curriculum - our creative and transformational teachers and staff. Our program is broad and rich, and is based on love of learning instead of competition. We believe that children deserve an extensive exposure to the humanities as well as a strong foundation in reading, writing, arithmetic, science and history. Exposing children to the greatest artists, composers, and musicians of all times helps them to develop a taste for what is good and expands the creative horizons of each child. Living books are used in which the literacy language appeals to the mind, stirs the imagination, and holds the child’s interest. Students should also have plenty of time to explore nature, run, jump, and play.

We believe that school should be like family and the partnership forged between the school and the home is paramount. Children learn and develop best when the caring adults in their lives join together in tandem for the good of the child.

Finally, our Academy is based on the enduring truths of Scripture. Our students are taught in many ways and forums that the most important relationship that they will enter into is their relationship with Jesus Christ. All subjects are studied in light of Biblical truth. Our goal is for spiritual growth in the child that then extends to service to God and their fellow man. Our school motto helps remind our students that they can be everything He has created us to be by His Grace alone.

“I am a child of God

I ought to do His will

I can do what He tells me

And by His grace I will”


Kim Thompson
Elementary Principal
(423) 892-2319 ex.2202

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Charlotte Mason Educational Philosophy

Silverdale Baptist Academy has found the philosophy of British educator Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) to be the best model of what we believe is best for children.  Mason herself was a humble visionary, orphaned at the age of sixteen, and though passionate about her beliefs, was never one to consider herself as a founder of a perfect educational system.  In fact, her emphasis was on the child as a person, indeed a mystery, and not a product to be manufactured in schools.  Her view of schooling was authentic and inclusive, envisioning a generous and broad curriculum for all children, regardless of class, race, or privilege.


Assistant Principal

Barbara Lamb
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Administrative Assistant

Dana Rice
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