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Pray For Me Campaign


The Pray for Me campaign aims to connect every student with adult believers or 'prayer champions' who will lift them in prayer daily. It is a one-year commitment for three adults to pray seven essentials necessary for someone to flourish in living faithfully before God and man.

Elementary parents will invite and register three multi-generational adult prayer champions to commit to praying for their students for one year through the Pray for Me prayer guide. Because this is such an important initiative, we encourage parents to purchase the prayer guide for their student's three prayer champions if possible.

Become A Prayer Champion!

Elementary School Prayer Champion Sign-UpsUpper School Prayer Champion Sign-Ups



The 7 Essentials represent seven aspects of life that are the minimum essentials for someone to flourish in living faithfully before God and man. They are rooted in Scripture (Luke 2:52, 1 Timothy 4:12) and include the following: Favor, Wisdom, Love, Faith, Purity, Speech, and Conduct. Much of the Prayer Guides are devoted to Prayer Champions praying the 7 Essentials over children and students.



Roger Woods
Director of Campus Life


Dr. Korbet Swope
Elementary School Chaplain