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Student Health Services

Health & Wellness

The mission of Silverdale’s Student Health Services is to provide the optimum healthcare for our students in a compassionate, confidential manner.  

Our nurses provide care for daily illnesses and accidents, assist students with their management of chronic health conditions, work with the Health and Safety Team to ensure preparedness for all health emergencies, and promote health and wellness.  

In an effort to enhance student learning, our nurses strive to increase student attendance and reduce early dismissals by alleviating minor health complaints that interfere with the student's performance.

  • Parents are reminded that Student Health Services is meant to handle first aid and emergencies and to provide care for students who become ill during the course of the day.
  • Silverdale has four automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on campus for emergencies.
  • If a student is injured or becomes ill during school hours, he/she must see the school nurse to be excused from classes or other school obligations.
Anne Widener
Director of Health Services & School Nurse


Roadmap to Return to Campus

Galen Partnership

In order to better serve our Silverdale community, we have made significant additions to our health facilities and staff. Our Silverdale Health Clinic now has a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, and medical assistant on campus daily!

Galen Medical group offers an on-campus program called Galen Remote Access Care. This clinic functions as an urgent care facility on our campus Monday through Friday with current hours being 8 am. to 4 p.m. The nurse practitioner will be able to assess, diagnose, and treat students and staff members right on our campus. It will be the same nurse practitioner daily; thus, students and faculty will be able to build a relationship with the nurse practitioner and they will better be able to care for our families. 


  • On-site collaborative care for students given by Galen provider and nurses at no extra tuition cost to families
  • Telehealth conference calls to include parents in these visits or parents can come on campus while student meets with the nurse practitioner
  • Nurse staffing support on a scheduled or as-needed basis during clinic hours
  • An additional medical professional on our campus 5 days a week
  • Access to health care providers who can be seen for follow-up or additional services
  • On-site testing for strep, flu, and COVID for all students and staff
  • On-site treatment and care for all students and staff
  • The ability for parents to join telehealth calls or come in for an appointment
  • Direct billing to parent's insurance




Anne Widener, RN BSN MBA

Director of Health Services & School Nurse

Jasmine Mason, FNP-C

On-campus Galen Nurse Practitioner


COVID Safety Precautions

We have partnered with Galen Medical to have a Nurse Practitioner on campus Monday through Friday 8:00 - 4:00 p.m. This Nurse Practitioner, will along with a Medical Assistant, be available to students and staff for any and all health-related matters while at school.  The Nurse Practitioner will have the ability to examine students and employees on-site, make diagnoses, and issue prescriptions. They will also have the capability to do online medical consultations and meetings with parents relating to the health of their child. Silverdale has a full-time nurse on staff who also sees and treats students and employees.

We have a Crisis Management Team that is made up of members of our administration, our nurse, our Director of Safety, and others. This team works daily on the safety and security of this campus. Silverdale Baptist Academy has a Health and Safety Task Force that is made up of three members of our Crisis Management Team. This team deals specifically with, but not limited to, health issues and matters relating to COVID-19 and all other health-related matters related to our students and our employees. Silverdale has created in-depth policy and procedures relating to COVID-19 and its effects on our Academy. These policies and procedures address, but are not limited to, safety measures to help prevent the virus, procedures for in the event a student or staff member is suspected of contracting the virus while at school and also while off-campus. This COVID policy is in all our handbooks.

We have partnered with Basecamp Health to bring to campus the Ascend platform. This platform requires parents at home to take their child’s temperature before coming to school that day and also answering some health-related questions to assist in determining if that particular student will be allowed on campus. This platform is also required by our employees, substitute teachers, and SAGE dining employees, our food service vendor. This is a great tool in our toolbox in the ongoing fight against the virus.

  • Silverdale Baptist Academy requires all visitors on campus such as a vendor or delivery person to have their temperature taken at the receptionist’s desk before entering our facilities.
  • During this phase on the Roadmap, Silverdale is requiring all employees to wear masks at all times while on campus.
  • Silverdale is following the Mayor’s mandate requiring all students 12 and older to wear masks at all times while on campus except for eating and/or exercising. 
  • Silverdale has purchased and placed signs, placards, and directional signage throughout the campus to remind of frequent hand washing, cover coughs, proper social distancing and safe directional paths ensuring a safe distance between students and employees.

Silverdale has installed and/or purchased:

  • plexiglass barriers/dividers for each classroom's desks to help prevent the spread of the virus. These barriers have also been installed at each receptionist’s desk for safety as well. 
  • teachers with supplies of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks, and/or face shields for safety measures. 
  • additional hand sanitizer stations and have placed them throughout the campus.
  • two additional touchless water fountains for the third floor and the elementary playground.
  • 18 Bipolar Ionization units that go inside the air ducts to assist in cleaning the air and assisting in ridding the air of viruses such as COVID-19. We are currently looking at adding these to the remainder of the facility and are researching the possibility of partnering with TVA in their installation of UltraViolet Devices that go inside the AC ductwork that further reduces the spread of COVID.
  • two additional hand washing stations outside near the playground. These stations will be used for students to wash off their hands of any mud or heavy dirt before they wash their hands in the sink or before they use hand sanitizer.
  • two NorthStar Ultra-fine mist disinfectant sprayers to rapidly disinfect restrooms and/or possibly contaminated classrooms/areas.

Hallway traffic

  • 6th grade will not be in the hallway with 7th & 8th graders at all EXCEPT coming up to their first-period class in the morning.
  • High school students will be asked to travel to Resource, band, music, private lessons through the breezeway and maze rather than traveling the middle school halls.
  • 7th grade will change classes when the bell rings according to the bell schedule.
  • 8th grade will hold until the second bell rings which is five minutes later.  It will make the students a little late to some classes, but it will help the halls.
  • If a class has to wait to go into a classroom, they will stay out in the hall socially distanced.
  • Teachers will stand at their doors to monitor students and encourage social distancing.


  • Middle school students will remain in their last class of the day until students are called on the radio or intercom for dismissal.
  • Only one class will be allowed in the atrium which is the class from the third floor. They will be spread out.

Health Precautions

  • Complete daily health screenings through Ascend and stay home when instructed to do so; notify Nurse Anne with any questions in regards to symptoms and sickness (

  • Maintain 6 feet of physical distancing wherever possible.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and if soap and water isn't available use hand sanitizer.

  • Wear your mask properly.

  • If your child is sick, please email

Medical Forms

All medical forms must be resubmitted at the beginning of every school year for each student. Medical forms can be found on our Medical Forms page.


When a student becomes ill or injured at school, parents are contacted depending on the severity of the symptoms. 

In an effort to control the spread of sickness on campus, students should remain home if they are sick. A student may return to school once he/she is fever free for 24 hours without a fever reducing medication. A fever is 100.0 degrees or higher.


*If your child is sick, email AND*

If your child presents with any COVID-related symptoms, your child must be cleared by a physician prior to return (doctor’s note must be sent to school nurse at 423.892.2147 or emailed to

COVID Return to Campus Protocol



All new students, PreK, Kindergarten, and 7th grade students are required to submit an updated Tennessee immunization record prior to the start of school. Immunization record must be emailed to or faxed to 423.892.2147. 


The Silverdale Baptist Academy school nurse or designated personnel will assist competent students who are required to take medication during the school day. Medication should be taken at home when possible.  If it is necessary for a medication to be given during school hours, a Medication Authorization Form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and medication must be in the original prescription bottle and properly labeled by the pharmacist.  A separate form is required for each medication and a new form must be completed at the beginning of every school year.  No medication will be administered to a student without a completed medication form on file.  The initial dose of a new medication must be given at home.  Students may not bring medications of any type to school except those that have a filed Medication Authorization Form All medications and a signed Medication Authorization Form must be checked in with the school nurse prior to administering medication. Emergency medications should be checked in with the school nurse. Students are not allowed to keep any type of medication on them, in their backpack or locker unless they have submitted written consent from a parent/guardian to the school nurse, and the school nurse approves.    

FAQs About Galen & Our Silverdale Health Clinic


Q: Where is the health clinic located?

A: Our Health Clinic is located in room 113 in the preschool hallway. Galen Health Clinic is located right inside our elementary school entrance.


Q: Who is staffing the SBA Health Clinic?

A: Nurse Anne Widener, RN, BSN, MBA is our Director of Health Services and School Nurse.


Q: What type of services and tests does Galen perform?

A: Galen treats minor illnesses and injuries along with performing screenings and labs. They are able to test for flu, strep, and coronavirus.


Q: What is the MyGalen App, and how does it work? What do I have access to?

A: The MyGalen App is a way for parents to communicate with Galen. Parents have access to their students’ Galen medical records.


Q: How would I access telehealth?

A: Parents can request a telehealth appointment through the MyGalen App.


Q: Can I access telehealth if I’m not on campus?

A:  Parents may access telehealth even if they are not on campus.


Q: Do all the members of our family have access to telehealth or just the student?

A: Parents have access to the MyGalen App which allows them to request a telehealth appointment for anyone in their family who wishes to use the service.


Q: Are faculty and staff able to use this service?

A: Yes, Galen is partnering with us to provide care for our faculty and staff as well as our students.


Q: When is the clinic open?

A: The clinic is staffed Monday-Friday. Hours of operation are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.


Q: Can Galen help when my child is not in school?

A: Yes, parents may use the MyGalen App to request appointments.


Q: When would a student be sent to the Galen HealthReach Clinic, and when would they be sent to the school nurse?

A: All students who are feeling ill are sent to the school first. After the school nurse assesses the student in the Health Clinic, the nurse contacts parents and asks if they would like their student to be seen at the Galen Clinic or with their PCP if further medical evaluation is deemed necessary. If parents want their student to be seen on campus, then the student has an appointment scheduled with the Galen Clinic. 


Q: What happens if my child gets sick during the school day, but we do not want to use the Galen Clinic?

A: Students who are ill are seen in the SBA Health Clinic and receive the same care that they would normally have by school nurse.


Q: When my child is being assessed by Galen, do I have decision making ability just as if I were there on campus, talking to the doctor in person?

A: Yes, in fact, parents have the option to participate in the visit via Zoom, or to come on campus and physically be present for the visit.

Q: What if you try to call for a telehealth visit and don’t reach me?

A: The student cannot be seen until we have successfully reached a parent or guardian and received permission for the visit. Students are cared for until we are able to get in touch with a parent.


Q: Does Galen perform any tests on my child without my knowledge?

A: No, students are not be able to visit the Galen Clinic until a parent or guardian has given permission for the visit.


Q: What do I do if Ascend indicates that my child is not eligible to be on campus?

A: Parents should contact, and the school nurse will inform parents of what they need to do. If a parent would like their student to be seen by Galen, our school nurse will also help set up that appointment.


Q: How can Galen help if Ascend says my child is not eligible to be on campus, but I think it is incorrect, and I want my child to get back on campus ASAP?

A: Parents should contact our school nurse to arrange for their student to be seen by a Galen Provider. If they feel the student is healthy enough to be on campus, they will sign a doctor’s release to be on campus.


Q: If a student is tested in the clinic for COVID-19, flu, or strep based on mild symptoms (cough, sneeze, etc.), are they automatically sent home for a period of time, or can they return when symptoms end?

A: Students are automatically sent home until they get their COVID-19 test results back. Flu and strep screens are point of care tests and will be available immediately. We recognize this is an inconvenience, but we are committed to lessening the chance of potential exposures so that we can reduce the risk of having to shut down the school this year. 


Q: Is there an increased cost in tuition for all these new services?

A: No, there is no additional cost in tuition for these services.


Q: How much does a visit cost?

A: Costs vary depending on services performed, but the cost is similar to what parents pay at a MinuteClinic visit or at a sick visit with their PCP.


Q: How do I get billed? Is it billed through my insurance? 

A: The Galen Clinic bills for sick visits directly through the parent’s insurance. Parents pay whatever they normally pay for a doctor’s visit.


Q: How do I know if they take my insurance?

A: Galen takes all types of insurance including TennCare. The only insurance they are unable to bill to is TriCare. If a parent has this type of insurance, contact Galen before using the service.


Q: Are you HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes, we are HIPAA compliant.


Q: Does our school nurse have access to our medical records?

A: Our school nurse does not see the Galen medical records. Those are protected under HIPAA. This means parents need to turn in documentation—such as a release to be on campus—directly to our school nurse just like they would if they went to their pediatrician.