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Outdoor Education

Wonder at Creation & Worship the Creator

What better way to learn about God’s creation than to experience His creation?  We believe experiential learning needs to be integrated into all curriculums at Silverdale Baptist Academy. These educational experiences also need to take advantage of opportunities that God gives us for learning, such as a solar eclipse or the beginning of spring.

This is Outdoor Education at Silverdale Baptist Academy.

Studies have shown there are multiple benefits of Outdoor Education:

  • better grades
  • better health
  • decreased stress levels
  • increased motivation
  • improved memory
  • better overall behavior
Outdoor learning at Silverdale also includes developing and nurturing self-reliance and team-building skills in a natural environment. This enhances a student’s communication skills as well as increases their outdoor skills. Our Outdoor Education program also enlightens students in the responsibility of stewardship of our Lord’s creation. This leads to a better attitude about the environment as well as community improvement. Last but not least, we believe in allowing and encouraging students to take risks in a safe, natural environment. It seems society has begun to limit a child’s opportunities due to fear or worry. I love this quote by Mike Fairclough, Head Teacher at West Rise School in Eastbourne, England: “The most dangerous thing you can do to a child is to NOT expose them to an element of risk or danger.”

Remember to always wonder at creation and worship the Creator,

Al Rogers
Director of Outdoor Education