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Elementary Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

At Silverdale Baptist Academy, we commit to partner with parents on this “journey” of educating children. At the elementary level, our desire is to provide a broad and rigorous curriculum that challenges our students and nurtures a love of learning, all the while discipling the children to know and love our Creator God. We believe all children are created in the image of God, and as a result, we know that children are born with a desire to learn.  It is our responsibility as educators to “feed” that hunger by providing a broad curriculum that fosters a love of learning.  Sadly, most of our nation has lost focus of what is best for children as learners by teaching facts to only be regurgitated on benchmark and standardized tests.  Silverdale's focus is fostering a love of learning through a broad curriculum. We want our children to have an appreciation of good literature and the arts, an awareness of the environment and a love for God’s world.  We want our children to leave here with lasting values, those of which are not reflected on any kind of standardized testing, but are demonstrated as our students interact with the world around them. 


  • “Experiencing” learning in all subject areas rather than being lectured to all day
  • Developing a Biblical worldview in our students, in all subject areas
  • Differentiating instruction based on the uniqueness of all children
  • Exposing children to great artists and composers
  • Interacting with nature by going outside and exploring God’s creation
  • Developing and fostering good habits
  • Modeling service to others by reaching out to our community
  • Incorporating technology as one of many tools for learning
  • Providing students with a rich feast of literature
  • Planning times of physical movement and free play which have proven to be key in brain development

In the elementary school, our students are well prepared for the next level of learning.  We hope that you will consider Silverdale for your child, as we know it is a decision you will not regret!