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Academic Support

Welcome from the Director of Academic Support

The Academic Support Department works in conjunction with the classroom teacher and parents to provide academic assistance to our students. This support is designed to help students maximize their potential and achieve academic success.  If your child needs additional support, a meeting will be held to discuss the different options available to determine what will be the most beneficial.  These options are outlined below.  If it is felt that further assessment is needed to determine the best plan of action, we can help you to walk that path with your child.

All students can grow and achieve given the proper support system.

Classroom Support

The purpose of classroom support is to assist students in the traditional classroom setting to be successful.  These students may or may not have diagnosed issues that are affecting them academically.

Services provided by the Director of Academic Support include:

  • Student observation. (parental permission granted)
  • Assessment of academic achievement using the Woodcock-Johnson Achievement Test and behavioral checklists. (ADD)
  • Development of a Student Profile.
  • Weekly monitoring of the Student Profile via email and/or meeting with the classroom teacher.
  • Meetings with parents to provide support, updates on progress, and to work to integrate any private therapy necessary for success.


  • Preferential seating based on attention needs.
  • Strategies to address sensory needs.
  • Development of behavioral charts to help get the students on track with their focus and attention, impulsivity, organization, and completion of tasks.
  • Copies of classroom notes and/or PowerPoints.
  • Extended test time.
  • Strategies to address visual processing issues.
  • Strategies to address auditory processing issues.

**There is a $50 fee payable to SBA if the Woodcock-Johnson is given.  Classroom consultation and the development of a Student Profile are free services provided by the Academy to any student that has a documented diagnosis that affects his/her learning.

Resource Services

All resource services are done on a pull-out basis. An additional cost is assessed for resource services in addition to regular tuition.

Elementary School level:

  • Students will work individually or in small groups.
  • A Student Profile will be developed to outline student accommodations.
  • Remediation will be done in assessed areas of weakness. 
  • Wilson Reading and Spelling System is used to remediate student weakness in reading decoding and fluency.

Middle School level:

  • Weaknesses in academics are addressed during an assigned period within the school day.
  • A Student Profile will be developed to address student accommodations.
  • Services are provided to teach students organizational skills that help them to be more independent in keeping up with their assignments and getting them turned in on time.
  • Student assignments are tracked and priority sheets are emailed to parents.
  • Students can test with the Resource teacher if necessary.

High School level:

  • Students that access the Resource program at this level will do so during an assigned study hall period.
  • A teacher is provided who is trained to work with students that have various processing issues. This teacher will work with the students in a small group setting.  They will receive tutoring and instruction in organizational skills which will help them to be more independent in keeping up with and turning in their assignments. 
  • A Student Profile will be developed to outline student accommodations.
  • Student assignments are tracked and the Resource teacher communicates with the student’s other teachers weekly to track their progress.
  • Students can complete their assessments with the Resource teacher if extended time is needed.

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