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IMPACT & Bridging

Welcome from the Director of IMPACT & Bridging

Every parent should have the opportunity to provide a Christian education for their child if that is their desire. The IMPACT & Bridging program is an inclusive program that offers educational and therapeutic services designed to improve the student’s perceptual capabilities, cognitive processing, and social and emotional learning in a Christian environment.

Our IMPACT & Bridging program is a unique program with a structured and purposeful format that builds on students’ strengths while at the same time focuses on providing experiences to help them reach their maximum potential. We strive to find innovative strategies to meet the needs and learning differences of each child. Our desire is to provide a learning environment where each child is nurtured and accepted and encouraged to reach their social and emotional, spiritual, and academic potential. It is our desire to partner with each parent as we navigate the possibilities and transform them into realities.  

We celebrate differences and we dwell in possibility!

Cindy P. Ford, EdD
Director of IMPACT
(423) 892-2319 ex.2207

IMPACT Program

  • Serves students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade
  • Primary populations served are children with Autism Spectrum  Disorder, moderate to severe learning disabilities, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities
  • Students are assessed prior to entering the program
  • Utilizes a multi-sensory curriculum designed to maximize the student’s strengths while minimizing their weaknesses
  • Students are educated in small groups which best addresses their academic, social and emotional needs and allows for more individualized instruction
  • Students are integrated into extra curricular activities, field trips, sports, programs, and academic classes where appropriate
  • Therapies that are provided include but are not limited to occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and physical therapy. These services are provided by the local school district through private practices
  • NeuroNet is provided with the students daily by a trained Pediatric Occupational Therapist


The Bridging program is dualistic in that it supports students within the IMPACT program who have the ability to bridge out into Academy classes when the IMPACT staff, through assessment, have determined that they are academically ready. It also provides extensive support for students who are in the traditional academy classes but need support beyond what resource can provide.

  • When a student bridges, they work with our Bridging teacher, who teaches, tutors, tests and helps the students to be responsible for their Academy assignments.
  • The Bridging teacher works daily with the bridging student’s Academy teachers to monitor progress and make changes to accommodations when necessary.
  • The Bridging teacher provides students with support in the traditional classroom if needed as well as individually or through small groups instruction.  The Bridging teacher provides students with the support to meet individual needs and to be successful in their classes.

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