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Silverdale Summer Camps

A Private Christian School Engaging Hearts and Minds


Building On Our Students' Talents

At Silverdale, we believe and know that God creates each child in the image of Himself.  While all children have this in common, we also believe that each child is unique in many ways, including what their interests may be.  We offer enrichment classes, called B.O.O.S.T. or "Building On Our Students' Talents," where children are able to spend extra time learning about topics that interest them.  Some of the classes that we offer include:  

  • Chess Club
  • Praise Dance (worship through dance)
  • Art Classes
  • Science Experiment Classes
  • Nature Club
  • Creative Construction
  • Hand Crafts
  • History Club
  • Music (includes guitar and piano lessons)

Classes are offered in six-week sessions throughout the school year and may vary for each session.  Enrollment packets are sent home during the school year through each student's homeroom teacher.  If you have questions about the elementary enrichment program or might be interested in teaching a class, please contact Robin Williams.