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SBA Fund

BY MAKING A GIFT TO THE SBA FUND, you are supporting what we all value most – a robust academic program, an experienced and inspired faculty, a diverse and stimulating co-curricular offering, and an inclusive and vibrant community. It takes a concentrated and collective effort to create the educational experience our children experience. No matter the size, all of our contributions help build the community of learners we strive to be.

Like all non-profit, service-based organizations, our operating budget depends upon donations to make ends meet, as tuition levels cannot cover all the expenses of operating the Academy. In fact, tuition alone only covers a percentage of the cost of a Silverdale education. The SBA Fund helps close that gap.

Every aspect of Silverdale is touched by the SBA Fund, including:

Academics and our Comprehensive Curriculum

Robust Athletics, Arts, and Extracurricular Programs

Leading-Edge Media Center and Informational Technology Services

Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

The SBA Fund is a twelve-week fundraising effort that exists to cover the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student at Silverdale. Like all private schools, our budget is set so that tuition remains as low as possible. Even families paying full tuition are not paying the full cost of a Silverdale education; the SBA Fund gifts help bridge this gap. Silverdale seeks 100% participation from all current parents, faculty, staff, and board members. We also seek support from the entire Silverdale community, including alumni families, adult graduates, and grandparents.

Philanthropy is part of Silverdale’s culture. By keeping tuition as financially accessible as possible, we gain a more economically diverse student population which enriches every student’s educational experience. Also, contributions are tax-deductible, whereas tuition payments are not. When you donate to the SBA Fund, you help keep tuition payments lower, and your gift entitles you to a tax benefit.

The money donated to the SBA Fund is used within the fiscal year in which it is received and supports a portion of operational needs, including hiring and retaining outstanding faculty members, enhancing academic and extracurricular programs, maintaining facilities, and enabling the school to offer financial assistance to families who otherwise would not be able to afford a Silverdale education.

Yes! We welcome this opportunity for additional dollars and are prepared to complete the necessary paperwork in order to receive them.

By helping to cover the gap between the price of tuition and what it actually costs to educate each Silverdale student, your gift to the SBA Fund directly influences the educational experience all students have at Silverdale. The availability of more resources equals access to more educational tools and opportunities. Your generous tax-deductible gift allows our students to have the “extras” that turn an excellent education into an exceptional one.

We ask that SBA Fund gifts be undesignated. This way, they may do the most good for the greatest number of students.

No. There is no correlation. 100% family participation is the goal.

Visit our Ways to Give page, or go directly to our giving experience!

Membership Tiers

Legacy | $50,000+

Cornerstone | $20,000+

Founders | $10,000+

Green & Gold | $5,000+

Head of School | $2,500+

Seahawk | $1,000+

Partner | $500+

Friend | $250+

1999 | $199

Give to the SBA Fund

Donor Recognition

Donors giving over $25,000 in the current school year are invited to a Head of School Dinner at the Hansard home. Donors giving $5,000 to $25,000 in the current school year are invited to a Head of School event held in the fall. Donors giving $1,500 or more are invited to the Leadership Celebration held in the spring. Young Alumnae Leadership: Alumnae graduating within the past 15 years who give $500 or more to The SBA Fund this year will be invited to the annual Leadership Celebration and an Alumnae Leadership event.