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Private Music Instruction

Thank you for your interest in private music lessons at Silverdale Baptist Academy.  Our wish is that each student will enjoy learning about and exploring the joys of making music! Private music lessons are available to all students, either during non-academic class times or after school. Our private instructors are incredibly talented and skilled musicians and performers who offer lessons for voice and a variety of instruments!

If you have an interest in private music lessons for your child or are looking to confirm an instructor as a returning student, please let us know at the link below and someone from our department will be in contact with you soon.

Program Information

Our private teachers will contact parents/students by email and/or phone to set up lesson times.

For on-campus SBA students, the private lesson teacher will contact your child’s elementary classroom teacher or upper school homeroom teacher to confirm the lesson time if scheduled during school hours.

Most home-schooled student lessons will be scheduled in the mornings since most SBA on-campus student lessons occur in the afternoons.  Each teacher’s schedule is different, so there are always exceptions.  We try to accommodate all requests, but sometimes waitlists are necessary.

Lesson costs are billed and paid through FACTS.  No payments are given directly to the private instructor. Instructors are paid through SBA. Lessons cost $950 per year, billed to student FACTS accounts as $475 per semester.  Monthly payments are acceptable. If a family has two or more children taking lessons or if a student takes multiple lessons, the discounted cost per student is $900 per year, billed as $450 per semester. School holidays are figured into the price so payment amounts are consistent each month. Lesson agreements are for a minimum of one semester, but preferably for the entire school year since results take time and commitment.

If a student has to miss a scheduled lesson because of illness, family emergency, or school activity, it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the private teacher as soon as possible by text, email, or voicemail so they can adjust their schedules and an online make-up lesson can be scheduled. If the teacher is not contacted at least an hour before the scheduled lesson time, the lesson must be forfeited. If the private teacher has to cancel a lesson for any reason, or if school is closed due to bad weather or any other unscheduled reason, an online make-up lesson will be scheduled. Make-up lessons will be limited to two per semester unless there are extenuating circumstances where other options are agreed to by both the private instructor and the student’s parents.

Lesson books, additional music, and any supplies needed by the student must be purchased by the student/parent. Private teachers will instruct students on how they can best obtain needed materials.

Each student needs to arrive on time and be prepared for their lesson. That ensures that the student will progress at the optimum pace and receive the best value for the money and time spent by all.

All on-campus K-3rd grade students receiving lessons during school hours or at dismissal times will be escorted to and from lessons by the private instructor. Rendezvous points will be established through communication with the classroom teacher, the parents, and the private instructor regarding pick-up and safe return to their classroom or their parents or after-school care if the lesson ends after classroom times.  4th and 5th-grade students may come to and from their lessons unescorted with the classroom teacher’s permission, as long as they come directly to and from their classrooms and do NOT leave the building. Students whose lessons end during dismissal or after school will be escorted. If classroom teachers are not in their classrooms when lessons end (during school hours), the private instructor will accompany the student to the elementary lobby and inform the receptionist of the teacher for whom they are waiting. All middle and high school students taking lessons during school hours will not be escorted to or from lessons. Arrangements for after-school lessons will be discussed by the private instructor, the parents, and the students.

All home-schooled or non-SBA students will sign in at the reception desk communicated to them by their private instructor and be met by the teacher.


Please direct them to the individual teacher. If that teacher can’t be reached, or if there is a problem, please contact:

Jill Fister | Assistant Director of the Arts
423-892-2319 ext. 2279