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Preschool Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

The atmosphere at Silverdale Baptist Preschool is governed by a desire to partner with parents to see children grow spiritually, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. This non-competitive and multi-sensory environment provides preschoolers with a sense of security, where they can experience the love of Jesus Christ and be encouraged to grow through developmentally appropriate stages, while simultaneously offering a variety of daily activities to satisfy their need for personal achievement and purpose. 


  • that God created children to grow and learn continuously, not merely at certain times of the day.

  • that young children learn from “hands-on” experiences and from the positive interactions they have with adults, other children, the environment, and materials.

  • that all children need to experience success that comes from their own accomplishments, not because of the failures of others.

Our accreditation through ACSI mandates the use of Biblical truths throughout every aspect of the program to strengthen the character traits and decision-making abilities in each child.  Curriculum Guides are designed to incorporate various opportunities for them for discovery through concrete, real, and relevant learning experiences. 

It is our mission here at SBP to come alongside parents to help raise children who have a heart for Christ, as well as to prepare them for success in future education. Will you let us partner with you?