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Fine Arts

Welcome from the Director of Fine Arts

At Silverdale, the Fine Arts Department is an exciting and integral part of a student’s education and development. God’s creation is abundant in rich and varied colors and textures filled with shapes, objects, movement and music created by a variety of sources including the human voice.  When God created man, He placed within each person individual gifts and talents to use to reflect His beauty in all they create and perform.  In SBA’s art, drama, dance and music classes, students are taught to recognize and develop their unique talents for God’s glory.  This development is a key component to a student’s complete education for future involvement in their churches and communities.

SBA begins music and art education in preschool and continues through high school. Dance and drama are added in elementary and are available through high school. Performances and exhibits during the school year in chapel services, at ballgames, Christmas programs, plays, musicals, an art festival and end of year programs and concerts help build confidence as students learn to be at ease when performing for a crowd of people.

SBA offers classes in music appreciation, visual art, dance, drama, choir, instrumental band, and praise band.  Also, private lessons for piano, voice, percussion and drums, hammered dulcimer, guitar, and violin are offered during the school day and also after school. Our students have ranked highly in art and music competitions both individually and in groups.

It is a wonderful thing to help students develop their God given talents, but to teach them how to use them to impact His kingdom work is truly a ministry and such a wonderful blessing. Our fine arts classroom teachers and private instructors are incredible musicians, vocalists, dancers, and artists who have a passion to help young people learn to use their artistic talents to the best of their abilities.  In the world of fine arts, we are often told to keep an open mind but through Godly teachers and mentors SBA strives to lead students to have a discerning mind. He gives us the talent and our goal is to educate students who will give Him the honor and glory by using those talents to further His kingdom.

Brenda Rayburn
Director of Fine Arts