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Why are Christians so Intolerant?

September 18, 2018


Unfortunately, in our culture today, if you disagree with someone it is often assumed that you have ill feelings about that person.  That is simply not true.  Our culture has redefined tolerance to mean that we must accept everyone's beliefs as equally valid and true.  However, based on the law of non-contradiction, that is an erroneous line of thinking.  (We will discuss the law of non-contradiction next week.)  Instead, tolerance should rightly be thought of as respectful and loving disagreement.  In fact, as J.P. Moreland notes, one cannot be tolerant of something unless one has already identified something as wrong.  Otherwise, there would be nothing to tolerate.

As Christians, we should lovingly acknowledge and address false belief.  After all, that's what Jesus did.  It is not intolerant to identify false belief.  In fact, it is because we love someone that we would desire that they know the truth.

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