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What is the Origin of Life?

November 09, 2018


Does it really matter what we believe about the origin of life?  Would it really have any impact on how we live today?  The answer is very simple and demonstrates why what we believe about the origin of life is so vitally important, even today.  

If a person is nothing more than a blob of matter or mutated pond scum, what inherent value do they have?  A person's existence would be ultimately meaningless, so why would that blob of matter deserve to be treated with any amount of respect?  However, if a person is made in the image of God, then that automatically gives that person value and qualifies that person to be treated with respect.

What we believe about the origin of life directly impacts how we view other people and, consequently, how we treat them.  In addition to theological significance, there is tremendous sociological significance to how we answer the question, "What is the origin of life?"

Mr. Pierce
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