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Senior Send-Off 2016

May 20, 2016

The faculty and staff of Silverdale Baptist Academy wanted to leave the graduating Class of 2016 with some walks down memory lane, and words of wisdom as they venture into the next chapter of their lives:

Mrs. Roslyn McCoy

"For those of you who have left an imprint on our middle school, THANK YOU!  

It has been my joy to watch you grow up in so many ways.  You are high achievers and have set the bar high for those who follow.  You are intentional in relationships and in serving others.  As you leave the halls of SBA, keep leaning into Jesus.  He is going before you!  I am praying that you keep loving people and showing kindness. Micah 6:8 says, 'He has showed you, O man, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.'

Class of 2016, this is my prayer for you as you leave us and blaze a new path.

Much love and many blessings!"

Mrs. Kim McDonald

"To the Class of 2016, I can't believe this time has come and you are graduating from SBA.  You are all a part of my heart, and I love each and every one of you.  Some of you I have known since pre-school, and I can't tell you what a blessing you have all been.  Some of you I haven't gotten to know very well, but you all have been a part of my life in some way.  I have watched you all grow into wonderful young adults, and it has been my privilege.  My prayer for each one of you is that you will always trust that God has you.  No matter what trials you face, or tough times you go through, always, always keep your faith and know that God will never leave you.  And I'm here for you if you need a friend.  I love you all!"

Mr. Evan Pierce

Mrs. Ginger Pierce

"Seniors, it's been a blessing to teach you the past two years in Bible. You have challenged me intellectually more than any class before you through your thoughtful questions, stimulating discussion, and love of learning. You are a truly wonderful group of young men and women and I can't wait to see what the Lord does through you in the future. Remember to always keep Him first. Money is fleeting. Prestige is ultimately meaningless. Only what we do for God's kingdom will have eternal significance. I wish you all the best!"

Coach Mike Hawkins and Rhonda Hawkins  

"It's been a pleasure watching all of you grow into such beautiful young ladies - Caroline Couch, Lauren Gray, Brooke Pickel, Lauren Gray, and  Elise Pearson.  We enjoyed being your coaches during middle and high school volleyball!  Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck in college!"

Mrs. Diane Alosi

"Dear Class of 2016, I knew some of you in 1st and many in 5th. God has grown all of you in many ways. Go forth and use all you have learned.  Learn more!  Be exactly who God created you to be. Do great things but more importantly BE great representatives of Him! Congratulations! Love and prayers."


Mrs. Taryn Humphries

"Dear Class of 2016, I can't believe my babies are all grown up and graduating. You will always be my babies, no matter how old you get, and you will always be an incredibly special class to me. You were my first homeroom to have all four years, and they have been a wonderful four years. I have loved getting to know each of you and your distinct personalities over the years. For example, I have enjoyed watching J.D. emerge from Sean’s shadow to be his own sassy person, seeing Gabby, Emma, and Genna transform themselves on stage, yelling Mabel at soccer and basketball games so Emily would know I was yelling for her, realizing that Keely and I are the same person and loving it, constantly begging Cooper to participate in school events (and occasionally winning), hearing about your crushes freshmen year (cough Jenna and Rachel cough) and seeing your interests transform as you began to mature, listening to Alexa’s stories and then listening to Riley laugh at her, messing with Chase, Braden, and Jake about life decisions, watching yet another card trick by Kaleb, seeing Jordan and Caleb love SBA so much they made their own Seahawk costumes, hearing about Brooke's love and concern for those around her, constantly laughing with Payton about all the things, watching Catie love those younger than her with wisdom and patience, hearing Mary Jo's opinions on everything including WiFi and Pride and Prejudice, watching Haley find her people and thrive in this place, and reminding Abi that I’m her favorite, even when she’s not in my class anymore. Those are only a few memories of the millions that we have together. I could go on and on about watching you excel academically, prove yourselves over and over again as athletes, love this community as the hands and feet of Jesus, and make Silverdale a better place just by being a part of it, but I only have so much space to write. Suffice to say, I love you, Class of 2016. My last four years have been amazing because of the time I’ve spent with you. Whether we’ve been prepping for a pep rally, heading out on service projects, hanging out in homeroom, traveling through Greece, or conversing in class, you have been my kids, my babies, my precious ones. I have loved you with a love I didn’t know was possible and I’m going to feel your absence next year. Go out into this world and make me proud. Don’t be “those kids” we always talk about; be the kids who leave this world better than they found it. Finally, as I always remind you when we’re together in a class meeting, live out Colossians 3. Seek out what is above, put to death earthly things, put on Christ and eternal attributes, and whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord, giving Him thanks. I love you and I wish you the very best! Love, Mama H."

Mrs. Kyndall Blake Squires

"Class of 2016, I know I haven’t been your homeroom teacher for the past four years, but I have always considered you my class.

Forty to fifty percent of teachers leave the profession after the first few years of teaching. When describing their first year, most teachers talk about how awful it was. They talk about the late nights, the lesson planning, the terrible students who they can’t seem to manage. Mine was tough, don’t get me wrong, but when looking back on my first year, all I think about is how fun it was. I started off with the best class. Teachers never forget their first class, so I can’t thank you enough for solidifying my role as a teacher. I’m very grateful.

So let’s reminisce about some moments I remember from that year. First of all, I can remember which period most of you had English (in that classroom that is now being used as an office). Emily Skelton had my class 2nd period and I was positive she hated me! It was a good day when I could make her smile. But if I couldn’t, Jake Locklear could, so I guess it was ok. Cooper Sylar was also in 2nd period, and I was always worried that he would ask a question that I could not answer.

And then there was third period. If you were in my 3rd period class, I apologize. My camp counselor approach to teaching failed very quickly. My first day of teaching was only a week or two removed from my time spent working at a kids’ summer camp, and so all I knew of interacting with teenagers was in that type of setting. I learned that classroom management didn’t work that way.

Two words: Josh Brady.

There were many days that I had to teach with a book in front of my face to keep from laughing at Josh who was making faces at me from the back row. He had been moved to the back because he, Daniel, Hunter, and Tanner were not allowed to sit together. They were also not allowed to plug their iPods up to my speakers and play their music, but they did it anyway, in the middle of my teaching, at the loudest it could go. I’m not sure what the students of third period learned that year, but you’re graduating, so I guess it wasn’t a complete sham.

Keely Sylar was in that class—the feisty Sylar. Megan Lewis was in third period too, and she soon became my basketball buddy. Braxton Clanton was in that class and he just could not understand the concept of “star-crossed lovers.”

Then, there was 4th period. Fourth period was characterized by Braden, Wes, and Chase. Thanks for teaching me how to handle conflict that first year; this is one of the more valuable lesson I learned my first year. I have loved getting to know you and watching you grow up. And I’m so excited for the next phase of your journey. College is one of the best experiences you can have. Here’s some advice. Make lots of good friends. As close as you are to your high school friends, you will be even closer to your college ones. Get involved. Learn a lot. Play intramurals. Go to events, even the ones you’re not interested in; most likely there will be free food. Find a good coffee shop; if you don’t drink caffeine now, you will. You’ll see hours of the night that you only thought existed in the daytime. Learn when to study and when to close the books. Stay up late; college will be the last period of your life that you can get limited sleep and be able to function normally. Find a solid church. Most importantly, seek Christ. Get in the Word and study it. Be wise and obedient. Don’t just be someone known for being a “Christian;” actually be one—a Christ follower. The only way to live the good life and to make it count is in pursuit of Jesus.

I’ll miss you guys next year. Some of you have become more like my little brothers and sisters than my students, and this place will be different without you. I have not known a SBA without you walking the halls, so it’s going to take some time getting used to, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.

Thank you for being a blessing to me. Thank you for letting me play basketball with you freshman year, Eddie. Thank you for showing me card tricks, Kaleb. Thank you for grading my homework assignments, Briana. Thank you for keeping a running record of all of my “insightful” quotes, Honors students. Thank you for inviting me to your scholarship signings. Thank you for your laughter, your enthusiasm, and your encouragement. Thank you for adopting me this year. Thank you for being a class that represents brotherly love. You have been such a great example to those younger than you. Thank you for being the reason why Silverdale feels so much like a family.

Each one of you has been blessed with talents and abilities that the Lord has been cultivating in you, so use them to expand his kingdom. I expect great things from the class of 2016. And don’t forget to come back and see us, especially if you make it rich. Sydney, I’m sure some of the royalties of your first album will go to me. I love you all and I will be praying that the Lord will do in your life and in your love for him 'immeasurably more than all [you] ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within [you]'."

Mrs. Margarita Ioannidis

"Graduating Class of 2016, you are so dear and near in my heart! I have watched some of you grow from preschool, creating your artistic masterpieces which you proudly displayed in the preschool hallways, all the way to the high school, sharing your beautiful testimonies and showcasing the ways God is at work in your lives through senior talks! You are an amazing groups of students and so very talented! I pray that you always follow the path that God has for you, and that you use always your gifts and talents to advance God's kingdom and to proclaim Him glory! 
A picture speaks a thousand words so here are a few pictures I am sharing with you that I have treasured through the years. I love you so much and I am so blessed to have you be a part of my life at SBA! And for those of you who have been on the senior trip with me, thank you for allowing me to take care of you and to be MamaRita! I has been an honor!"

Mrs. Brenda Rayburn

"I feel very blessed to know this senior class. Those of you who have shared your artistic talents as singers, actors, musicians and artists while at SBA are especially near and dear to my heart. Never stop using those God given talents to bring honor to our God. They were given specifically to you for that purpose. I can hardly wait to hear the great things you accomplish. But remember... Once a Seahawk, always a Seahawk!"

Mrs. Becky Hansard

“Dear Students, It has been a delight to watch you grow and blossom. It has been my pleasure to have each of you in my home.  That has been a delight and an avenue for me to get to know you even better.  You, like last year's group are that first generation who has had most of your successes and failures broadcasted on social media as opposed to the school “grapevine.” And you have navigated that social media minefield and come out on the other side with yourselves and your dignity intact. Congratulations.  Remember what you have learned.  Be kind.  I pray God’s direction will be your default in every area of your lives.  You are grand. Each of you – simply divine. I love you.”

Mr. Joe Parker

"Rachel, words cannot express how much these kids loved having you around this year. You are always an excellent example of quiet confidence. I pray your college years bring you clarity of God's mission for your life. Don't look back, life only gets better as you get older."

RS & class

Mrs. Robin Williams

“This group is special to me because I have seen them grow from silly little preschoolers and first graders to mature (most of them time) young men and women. Even at a young age, it was so apparent what your gifts and talents were. It has been a blessing to watch as you have grown into the person God created you to be!  Be open to see what the Lord has in store for you, even if it’s not in your plans! Let God use your life to do amazing things for His Kingdom! Congratulations on your accomplishments! I will be there, with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart, cheering for you on May 20.”

Mrs. Kim Thompson

“To all the seniors who passed through the halls of the Elementary School, I want to say that it has been my joy to watch you grow up. From the classroom to the athletic field, from the playground to the theatrical and musical stage, you will be missed but we are better because you have passed this way. May you press in close to Jesus as you enter this new adventure of life. I love you.”

Mr. Daniel Ashworth

"Class of 2016, I'll miss you guys. My first year out of college and working here at Silverdale was your 5th grade year, and we both found our way through computer class together. I'd like to think we had a lot of fun, between everyone's favorite keyboarding lessons on Type To Learn, and then later in 6th grade when we did the Wireless Weekend Project. I want to thank you for making learning fun and for being such a pleasure to work with. Although we rarely interacted after you all moved on from my computer class, you guys have continued to be one of my favorite classes to pass through these halls during my time. You are talented, unique, and driven. These are all qualities that will take you places in life. Please never forget that Jesus is your shelter and strong tower. When difficult times come - and they will very soon if not already - He is that refuge. I'll miss you guys. Don't be strangers!"

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