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Four Reasons Why The Senior Trip To Greece Is Life-Changing

May 10, 2018

This year’s senior class recently set out on an unforgettable journey to the country of Greece. This epic excursion has consistently been deemed “life-changing” by returning seniors and chaperones alike. There are four reasons why this moniker isn’t at all overreaching in describing this trip of a lifetime.  


Greece delivers as a truly global travel experience. Most people will never get the chance to step outside their country of origin much less traverse the globe. Crossing the border is one thing but crossing an ocean is a whole other level of International travel. You’ll travel over six thousand miles and cross six times zones before you arrive seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. You’ll have traversed nearly one-quarter of the Earth’s circumference as you step off the plane in Athens and begin your tour of the beautiful Greek nation. Travel on this scale is life-changing as it broadens our perspectives and makes the world a smaller place.


Known as the ‘birthplace of Western Civilization’ Greece provides travelers with an unparalleled cultural experience. Democracy originated there, philosophy, theatre, various forms of literature, classic architecture, and of course the Olympic games are all children of this land. Its cultural backdrop spawned some of the world's most revered and influential minds such as Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, and Archimedes. It is an ancient land rich with history and full of foreign yet familiar sights and stories. From the Athenian Acropolis to the mountain vistas of Olympus, from museums rife with ancient artifacts to coastal valleys rich with flourishing olive groves, Greece offers a life-changing perspective of the inspiration and formation of today's world.




Like the biblical land of Israel, Greece gives us a tangible connection to the people, places, and events recorded in the Bible. For example, the prophet Daniel chronicled the rise and fall of Alexander the Great some two hundred and fifty years before his birth. Visiting the subterranean tomb of his father Philip of Macedon provides travelers a touch-point for biblical history and affirms its reliability. Another truly amazing affirmation of the accuracy and historicity of scripture is found in viewing the pavement of Erastus in Corinth. A Christian acquaintance mentioned by the Apostle Paul, Erastus was reportedly Corinth’s city treasurer. Critics claimed He was fictitious until the 1929 discovery of the first-century pavement inscribed with his name and title. Walking in Paul’s footsteps and touching artifacts directly connected to biblical figures provides a truly life-changing validation of our Christian faith.


The most significant aspect of the Greece trip is without question its spirituality. The three previously noted life-changing components all powerfully contribute to this most important overarching impact. Like a divine primer, the first three tend to prepare traveler’s hearts to open wide to all God wants to do in them. Additionally, through nightly reflection and discussion, outreach to the local refugee population, worship with local believers, and constant prayer, the Spirit of Christ permeates every aspect of this experience. He masterfully uses these entry points to carry out incredible transformation in the lives of participants. Decisions are made, prayers are prayed, binding chains are broken, and bonds of Christian fellowship are forged. In the most glorious way imaginable visiting Greece is life-changing because travelers are immersed in the Holy Spirit all the way.      


Greece is a once in a lifetime global, cultural, biblical, and spiritual adventure. Any one of these reasons is good enough to make it your senior trip of choice but all four make it a multifaceted life-changing journey you don’t want to miss!

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